9 Signs That You Are a Bookworm

Whether you are a self-proclaimed bookworm or classified as one by your friends and family, here are nine signs that indicate you are a bookworm, in case you are in denial!

  1. You have a book with you at all times.

You are always prepared for those boring moments, road trips, or long waiting room times that seem to happen so often in life. When you have a book to escape to time flies. So why not carry another world around with you, especially since these days a book can fit into your pocket thanks to eBooks.

  1. You get really attached to the characters of a good story.

Who says you can’t have a crush on Mr. Darcy? Or passionately hate Professor Umbridge? Any bookworm will tell you that a well written story makes it impossible to be dispassionate about people who seem so alive. If you’re a book enthusiast you know losing someone is the worst and grieving is not uncommon thanks to writers like George R. R. Martin.

  1. Friday night for you is super chill.

Of course, you like going out and being with your friends, it’s just that you’re in the middle of an intense chapter, and really your almost done with the whole book. It just makes sense to finish the whole book at this point. There is always Saturday for hanging out with someone besides the dog.

  1. You’ve already preordered the next book in the series.

The date has been saved in your calendar for a while now. You’ve known when the next volume of the story would be out since its announcement, and the day can’t come fast enough. Who would have thought it would take three years for the latest installment to be released? And when you finally get your hands on the latest edition you may or may not finish it that very same day. Who are you kidding, you’ll finish it.

  1. You make comments out loud while reading.

Laughing out loud, shouting in exasperation, or snorting at a bad line is not unusual for you. The funny looks from those around you are something you’ve gotten used to at this point, but you can’t help yourself. You’re just so into it.

  1. Like really into it.

Sometimes the world could be crashing down around you, and you wouldn’t even notice. When someone does manage to pull you out of your reverie it had better be important, because the nuisance of being interrupted is the worst. You’ll dive back in the second you get a chance though because this story immersion is as good or better than any movie.

  1. Speaking of movies, you’re a harsh critic when it comes to book-turned-movie.

Because you are such a book enthusiast ninety percent of the time a book gets swept up by Hollywood, you’ve already read it. The real trouble is that your excited that, so many more people are going to experience this epic tale, but there is also a chance that the directors will totally mess it up. Either way you’ll be there to let your friends and family know which version is better. Chances are it’ll be the book though, you know it’s almost always the book.

  1. You frequently fall asleep while reading.

Your backlit e-reader makes it easy to read in bed without disturbing your partner, but it also means that you’ve woken up snuggling your device or wearing it on your face. You’re not alone in this bookworm. We’ve all done this, I promise.

  1. You struggle when you find that hard read.

It doesn’t happen often for a bookworm, but every once in a while, you will find a book that is just difficult to get through. Book lovers hate being defeated by a book especially if everyone told you how great it was supposed to be. Don’t let it get you down when this happens though. There are plenty of books out there that will fit your style and feel like they were meant for you. Check out our shop on Chat eBooks if you’re looking for that next great read.