Building a Career in Cloud Computing with AWS developer certification


Of late, the market of cloud computing has witnessed a great change in the past few years or so and we see a good developments taking place in a right direction. Right from the individual IT professionals to the top companies, everyone seems to be gearing for the cloud services. As per reports, the GMR Data has given a forecast that the total worth of the cloud computing market in the year 2016 have reached around 75 USD billion. This has resulted a number of organizations, which are seen on a continuous search of highly skilled professionals (with AWS developer certification) for helping them reap a huge amounts of benefits from this platform. This has therefore given loads of importance to the cloud computing training and certification. Hence pursuing these certifications can be surely called as a sensible way to establish the first step towards the cloud industry.

Different Career Options are Available

People who are keen to make their career in the field of cloud computing often pursue to join the aws developer certification, for which you need a formal training. However, before you plan to enroll for the said training, you need to decide upon the right career path that can remain a better option for you.  There are several companies, which need specific skill sets in cloud computing including development skills wherein the others are seen searching for the cloud infrastructure specialists. So, basically, every business group need either IT admins who are known to have a fair understanding of cloud architecture or the IT professionals with specific cloud skills. Now, let us know check the certifications available for making career in Cloud Computing as under:

Plenty of Courses are Available

There is a huge demand for cloud related job profiles in the market, which has made the courses related to this field popular. There are lot many courses that are seen offering the aspirants with the right opportunity to get the insight of cloud concepts. The common cloud certifications care given as under:

  • Salesforce Admin
  • AWS SysOps
  • AWS DevOps or AWS developer certification
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional Level

Technical Skills that Prove Handy

Though the kind of skills and the amount of knowledge needed for the IT professionals may vary from one company to the other, the technical knowhow would certainly going to help them in a longer run. Without having a bit of technical knowledge or understanding about the subject to getting things hard, you need to be focused in getting the same. You need the knowledge for subjects like Java and .Net framework along with the virtualization can help you a lot. Also, the people with open source tools understanding can have a rewarding start with the career of cloud computing.

Wrapping Up

One can get a good feel of change in the IT market which is really hard to ignore. With most of the companies seen moving towards the high end cloud solutions, the need for competent IT professionals is on the rise. Seeking the AWS developer certification can be considered a wise decision, which can help in shaping up the career and thus offer the stepping stone towards a career full of new opportunities.