Here are the Essentials of Integrated Learning Styles

We already know that the most common learning styles are visual learning, auditory learning, and kinesthetic. However, there are some modifications too that are incorporated in the classrooms. This is where the concept of integrated learning styles steps in!

Integrated Learning Styles

Even though each of us possess a unique learning style, but there are some individuals as well that acquire information through a mix of different learning styles. Actually, there are some situations in colleges or universities such as activities, exams, coursework projects, presentations, etc. that demand the students to use more of their less favorite learning styles in order to accomplish the task.

You are given a history project of conducting a session in the class. You might be a visual learner and will look forward to mix text with images and diagrams in PPT slides to present your work. But the teacher might mandate you to work in a group and prepare a stage play as the means for demonstration. The situation will most probably become less favorite, and rather more challenging for the student in some cases.

When the students are asked to complete a rather congested activity, the best rescue way would be to acquire the kinesthetic approach. Although it might not be the ideal workaround to learn the entire subject, but would be suitable to learn that specific topic. You might be a visual learner having a thing for studying chemistry through 2D, highly interactive animations, fancy diagrams, etc. But physically going to the lab and examining different chemicals, compounds, acids, etc. is going to help you strongly in understanding the subject matter more clearly and deeply.

In other cases, it even makes sense to switch your learning style for the time being. You are a visual learner, but it is better to call the IT helpdesk operator to inform that your system is not working properly. The technical personnel will guide you on how to resolve the system’s issue, and stay on line to aid you through each step.

You’ll see that after using your two less favorite learning styles, you get to solve your issue more efficiently and learn better than your preferred style. Similarly, consider yourself acquiring a writing piece on “Test Cases Development in Software Engineering” from a professional assignment help company. The writing experts will provide you the assignment concentrating on “how-to” content primarily using flow charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, and other visual elements. Also because, that’s the most appropriate way to grasp the understanding of highly technical and complex fields such as software engineering.