Get Oriented with the Vocabulary Language Teaching

For those who have been teaching language for decades might be well-versed with the vocabulary of language teaching and they might even be there during some of the transitions of some terms. However, for the newbies, they might not be able to deal with the nuances that easy. With that in mind, here are some of the most notable vocabulary terms used these days in language teaching.

Native language – this is the kind of language one grows up with or what they call the mother tongue. Like for example in Spain, they have Spanish and in the US, they have English. There are also some countries where they have two native languages like in Canada.

Domestic language – actually, this is almost the same as the native language. However, this is sometimes the term used when describing the native language of a particular region.

First language (L1) – this is the first language that a person learns how to speak. So basically, this is still almost the same with the native language and the domestic language but not all the time though as there are special circumstances.

Second language (L2) – obviously, this is the language that can be considered as the first foreign language a person learns to speak. There are also times when because the person migrates to another place, this is not the language he uses.

Foreign language – this is obviously not the language you are born with or the opposite of your mother tongue. Any language that is not the language of your motherland is a foreign language. Your second language can also be considered a foreign language though not all the time as well especially when you become a resident of the country of your second language.

World language – this is a language that is quite used by other nationalities. Like for example English, we all know that this is a universal language thus this can be considered as a world language.

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