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When it comes to writing an article many students find it very hard. From choosing a topic to researching it and taking a stand, it seems to be a herculean task to students from any part of the world. There are many websites online that write your essay cheap and quick. The process of writing an essay is explained below.

  1.  Selecting the topic

The topic is the subject you will be writing on. It may be pre-assigned to you or you might be allowed to write on an issue of your own choice. If it is already assigned, then you can move on to deciding whether the paper will be overall explanations of the subject or will it give an in-depth understanding. This is an important step to be done before you start your essay.

On the other hand, if you have been given a free hand in the choice of your topic, with a little effort you can use the advantage in choosing a topic of your interest. List your options down and later decide on the best. With this you will also be deciding on the style of explanation, is it informative or persuasive. Either of them will do good but decide on that which you are naturally good at based on your knowledge on the subject. If you have chosen a topic you are passionate about; you might want to take a firm stand. If it’s the knowledge you have about the subject, then select an informative explanation.

  1. Outline your ideas

In an essay, the explanations given about the topic must make sense and link with each other. Ideas that pop into your head need to be mapped to achieve this. Organise your thoughts with your knowledge and make an order as to which makes the most sense and relates to building an impressive point to the reader.

You can map them using a technique where you write the main topic at the centre and then link your ideas around it by drawing a line to the topic and organise it in order while putting it on paper. This helps in presenting your essay with more clarity.

  1. State your thesis

Thesis statement consists of the line that makes the reader clearly understand the position you’re taking on the subject you have written about. It should do two things. One- explicitly state your topic and two- the point of your essay on the topic.

  1. Introduce your subject

The starting of the body of an essay needs to grab the attention of the reader. It is called as an introduction to the issue. Unusual happenings, facts, a quote etc. seem to do the trick in hooking a reader onto the essay. It should be by your stated thesis, which will be written at the end of the conclusion.

  1. Body of the essay

Now, the essay should consist of a body that includes all the information and why that information is relevant to your point. In which way does it substantiate your argument and how it throws light on the facts you have backed it up with.

  1. Conclude your essay

The conclusion of your article makes an impact to the reader in a lasting manner as it is your final word in the essay. This part should inherently contain the core theme of your essay in the shortest format possible.