Knowing Cool Guitar Playing Techniques to Make Your Playing More Creative

Playing guitars on college fests is a craze right now. Go through the college canteens nowadays, and you will find every gang of students having one guitar player who is crowded with young lads and girls enjoying the humming tone. There’s no point denying that guitars have gone beyond the arena of musical instruments and have crept in being an important element of style quotient. However, the art of playing good quality chords is not being overlooked in this entire process.

So while you’ve started learning to play this instrument on your own, and you want to find guitar lessons online, make sure you go through substantial research work to find the best one possible on the web. So as you’ve been following it, and have learned quite a bit, you might feel missing out on a few. You have been following some of the guitarists on YouTube as well, and feel like missing out on something. The reason is nothing but lack of some techniques. Here are some of the techniques that you might not have heard earlier but will definitely make your guitar session much more exhilarating.


This is one of the most common and popular of all techniques which will definitely add some extra movement to your guitar playing. The best part being, this is one of those easiest you can find to use in most of the situations. There are definitely different ways of sliding for sure, but one must focus on the use of sliding into a chord or note. There might be different ways of applying it as well, but the most typical way of doing this is sliding into a barre chord or the power chord. Mostly, this slide is being used repeatedly as a riff or when you need to add some movement before changing to another chord. There’s no end to experimenting with it, and the player can try it at their own free will.

The Palm Muting

This is one of the most important of all techniques, especially for those who need to have some heavy sounds from their guitars to add to the variation. Those who listen to more of heavy metal and punk music must have come across the heavy sound in between two chords or even during the progression. In the process of usual, non-muting, guitar playing, this palm muting must be used to mix in and bring out creative music.

But how can this technique be applied? All that you need to do is lay the palm of your right hand over the strings while strumming. Generally, when the lowest two, the E and A is being strummed, palm muting is more frequently practiced.

Apart from these, there’s even the Bend and Pre-bend which are even used by the guitar players nowadays. By bending the strings, the pitch of the music can be increased to one semi-step or by a complete one. Most of the experts have suggested using as many fingers possible in bending the strings instead of just one.

Guitar playing is a complete enjoyment in its own. You can sit on your own and keep trying out ways that will bring variations in your playing. Being one of the healthiest leisure, it can even bend your professional career as well.