How to overcome the Post-Vacation Slump

Now that we are back after a long holiday period, it is the time to live in the more materialistic era. Simultaneously, we are less happy than the last few days. Living a student’s life, we know that coming back to all the paused study session is hard to be resumed. Whether you have spent your holidays at home or travelling, post-vacation slump is a normal. Following are a few tips that online universities have shared for an easy transition between holiday and homework.

  • Be aware of the Line-up Assignment before Kicking off your Trip

No matter if it is weekend or spring break, when you travel outside the school hours, it is essential to complete your needs as a student. Be aware of an outstanding assignment that you have to complete to avoid the say “I forgot I had homework…” the evening you return back. Plus, be very cautious by making copies of any physical homework that you have done before leaving. Therefore, you are secure in case something is lost or damaged through the journey.

  • Maintain on-going lessons

When teachers have no homework for students, they must maintain the ongoing lessons. Also, when students are focused on learning new skills or running drills, they must be practicing ongoing review even when the teacher is on leave. Try to make physical flashcards, download some app that is subject-specific before the trip starts and add periodic lessons for students thoroughly. A minor review may be helpful in keeping the material fresh in the mind of student when returns to the classroom.

  • Set Designated Time to Study

When there are some assignments due, it is advised to set the selected time for study. The student might think the teacher as a dictator of the trip’s schedule, so you must be aware of the study time required and enforce it. Commuting time may give a lot of great opportunities to knock out some homework earlier.

  • Aim for a Routine

It is always advised to aim for a routine, even throughout your holidays. Because you know if it gets disturbed, a shock to the system will return along with. Make sure to keep a bit of routine while leaving for the out-of-the-town. For instance, bedtimes and mealtimes will result in minimizing the adjustment period on returning.

  • Connect when you can

When students are heading to travel, they must aim to connect with something that they learn at school. From aquatic life to historical context of paintings at an art museum, there are many academic connection that can be made at a variety of famous vacation spots. Also, the teachers must make efforts to get students connected with the relevant subject while travelling. For example, while earning distance education in Dubai, instructors listen to the students’’ experience as well as start dialogues about how they relate to the place they have just visited.  


Along with learning, traveling gives a fantastic opportunity to teachers as well. they can reinforce their lessons on learners with the real-world examples.