Slime and GramGen: The Rise of a New Obsession

The modern generation is often referred to as the GramGen by many for its obsession with Instagram. Those days are long past and gone when the teenagers and the young adults were updating their Facebook status to let the world know that they were up to. Instead, today they are posting photos on the photo sharing network Instagram.

Instagram has several accounts that post photos in a particular category making them trend setters in those categories. For example, there are travel instagmmers, food instagrammers, yogic instagrammers, fitness instagrammers, etc.

Lately, a new category seems to be picking up popularity with this segment of social network audience. This category is the slime category. In fact, the rise of popularity of slime is not just limited to Instagram. It can be seen on other social channels as well. The slime videos are also becoming an obsession on video sharing platforms. The number of people looking up how to make slime on Internet is also increasing.

The slime – which was once considered to be exclusively meant for kids – has all of a sudden become an internet obsession of people across different age brackets. So, what is making slime videos and slime so popular?

Therapeutic in Nature

Some experts believe that slime has certain therapeutic qualities that make it popular today. Touching of slime creates different sensations that the mind and the body crave. Since the modern generation is exposed to smartphones at a very young age, their body is getting an overdose of a particular type of sensation created by touching a screen. In the working population, the increase in time spend in front of a screen is making their body habituated to only one type of sensation. Touching slime can create different types of sensory inputs for the body releasing throes of pleasure.

Slime and ASMR

Slime is often found to provide ASMR relief to people. The act of touching or poking slime releases a tingling sensation that begins with the scalp and then runs down the spine to the limbs. This ASMR relief is something that is missing in the lives of many people today who have busy schedules and hectic workdays.

Slime Fosters Creativity

Slime is that colourful goo that you can use to make anything. The dazzling visuals of the slime most certainly make it quite attractive. But the ability to turn it into anything or simply the act of creating slime is what gets creative minds obsessed with it. A lot of people prefer to teach their kids important lessons in creativity by giving them slime. They encourage their kids to make slime in different colours and types to encourage them to think out of the box and embrace creative solutions in life.

Slime Helps Kill Stress

There is no denying the fact that we live in very stressful times nowadays. The workdays have become quite hectic with a global workforce. It has even changed the concept of a working shift for many people. The demands of personal life and the work life that requires a person to be always available is just adding to the stress for many. In such cases, just poking around a ball of slime can act like a major stress buster.

The rainbow colours are a visual treat for the eyes. But the ability to stretch and fold and punch the slime in different ways is what attracts people to it. There is something very comforting about poking and stretching slime. A mere 10 minutes of doing so can release a lot of pressure and make a person relax a little.

Ease of Making Slime

What has further fuelled the trend of slime videos is the ease of making it at home. It is very easy to put together a few ingredients at home and come up with your own slime. However, there are large varieties of slime kits available in the market today. You can just get one of those kits, follow the process or directions given on the box, and have your own slime ready. The DIY slime kits available in the market and online are not that expensive and really easy to use.