The Things You Should Ask For Before Joining An English Language School

English is a necessary language to learn for anyone that wishes to study or work abroad. To improve your English language, to join or enrolling in an English language school is a necessity. There is an abundance of schools in Manchester that teach English and it’s confusing to choose a school suitable for your need. There are a few things you can enquire about that can help you in choosing the best Scuole di Inglese a Manchester.

Is the school duly accredited?

The first and foremost question is whether the school you are considering has all the necessary accreditations. This information is available on the website of the school. The international accreditations bodies include IALC or International Association of Language Centers and EQUALS or Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services. In Britain, the accreditation body is The British Council in association with English UK.

The qualification of faculties

Your teacher plays an important role in forming the basis of your understanding and learning the language. So the experience, quality and the qualification of their teachers become an important factor.

The first thing you should know is whether the teacher is permanent or temporary. All these information can be found by asking the center representative by emailing or calling them. You can also look for reviews of the students that have attended the school. The primary international certifications for teachers are:

  • TEFL
  • CELTA.

What are the class sizes?

It’s quite obvious that the smaller class sizes allow for more focus and attention on individual students. So class sizes should not be more than 10 students per class. The courses with lower class sizes are expensive compared to university courses that have a large class size.

You can check the average number of classes and number of students before enrolling at a language school. Another important factor could be the availability of different class levels for different skill level students.

Facilities available

The different type of facilities that can be looked for are

  • The provision of learning or study material – Whether the learning or study material is provided by the school or not and will you be needed to buy the material from the market?
  • Access to computers, internet and library.
  • Relaxation areas like television or cafe rooms
  • Accommodation availability – This is an important question for students that are going abroad for a course.


The learning assessment and feedback helps you in knowing your mistakes and the level of skill you have developed. Since your objective of enrolling to a school is learning the language, the assessment and feedback are important tools of learning. Many a school takes an entrance test to get an idea of the level of skill of an entrant to better judge the type of training he or she may need.

The type of cultural and social activities offered

Various schools depending on the languages taught by them offer various social and cultural activities to their students. A few of these activities could be helpful in the development of your language skills along with the knowledge and understanding of the local culture.

Apart from all these questions an important consideration is the cost involved. You should ask for the details of the fee and any other cost that you are required to pay to the school. The choice of a school will be the key factor of your success in learning the language. So making a correct decision becomes a necessity.

Author’s Bio:

Max Carpenter has written this Guest Post. The Communicate School is a family owned language school based at Manchester. It is one the best and premiere Scuole di Inglese a Manchester. They offer a variety of English language courses of different skill levels. The school is accredited by The Independent Schools Inspectorate and the British Council, it’s also a member of the English UK. Visit their website, to know more about their course offerings.