Three Pilot Licenses You Can Get in Canada

The commercial airline industry might have struggled over the past ten years or so—fuel prices, potential terrorism threats, and consumer dissatisfaction all contributing to a decline in numbers—but the industry, as a whole, is probably going to be just fine. That is because, of course, people still want—and need—to travel by plane.  It is, overall, a safe way to travel and is certainly the fastest way to get a few hundred miles or more in any direction.

And because this industry will persist, there will never be a shortage of demand for pilots to fly any of the many types of planes that could be in use at any time. Indeed, you do not need to fly a commercial passenger airliner to be a part of this lucrative industry.  Here are some of the certifications and licenses, for example, you could pursue at an Academy of Aeronautics air training center, in Canada.


Not everyone wants to fly a jumbo jet; maybe you want to own a small aircraft to travel shorter—but still too long to walk or drive—distances on your own.  The Recreational Pilot Permit allows you to:

    • act as a pilot-in-command of a single engine, non-high performance aircraft (during daylight hours)
    • transport one passenger (within Canadian Airspace)
    • easily upgrade to a Private Pilot license if you wish

To get this permit you are required to:

    • log a minimum of 25 hours of flying time
    • be at least 16 years of age
    • pass RPPAE or PPAER exam with at least a 60 percent
    • Ground school recommended


If you want to be able to share the experience of flight with your friends and family, then you will need to get a private pilot license.  You will also need this if you want to be able to get your commercial license.  In order to get your Private Pilot License you need:

    • a minimum of 40 hours of Ground School
    • a minimum of 45 hours of flight time
    • to pass a flight test administered by Transport Canada Inc
    • to complete the Transport Canada written exam
    • to complete the night rating flight test


Those who think they want to work with a commercial airline company need to obtain this license. To do so, you need to have:

    • 80 hours minimum ground school
    • 200 hours minimum flight time
    • Transport Canada Inc flight test
    • 60 percent CPAER written exam and 100 hours minimum flight time